Goodbye, Nambu

I’ve been using Nambu for a few weeks now, and raved about it to friends, via Twitter and on this blog.

While it’s encouraging to see the developers continue to push out new releases, the instability of the app has lead me to stop using it, for now.

While I very much enjoy the layout, ease-of-use and Mac-iness of the app, crashing everytime I send a message or follow someone just isn’t going to cut it. I’ve seen Nambu suggest deleting the application’s “database,” but that forces me to continually enter in all the accounts I was using there.

I’ll keep an eye on it, but the search continues for a desktop Twitter client that can do multiple accounts, and do it awesomely. First stop – Tweetie for Mac and Seesmic Desktop. I’m ready for my world to be rocked.