A student produced video that doubles as a campus tour

Ok, it’s another post about a video, but I swear this time it isn’t a lipdub.

This video, done by two seniors at John Carroll University, where I work, has been making the rounds on campus this week. The two students, Franco and JJ, made a video of themselves dancing in the fall of their freshman year, and to cap off their experience here, made an answer to their own video.

Before I break down the video, here it is.

Did you spot both our college’s president as well as NBA star Shaquille O’Neal in it? Seriously, that was really Shaq, who recently filmed a commercial here on campus with Ben Stein. How students got him to dance with them in a video is a mystery.

This video, when it comes down to it, is a compelling tour of our campus. From a marketing perspective, it’s great because it’s well produced, has no questionable content and speaks to multiple audiences. Alumni get a kick out of seeing how the campus has changed (and stayed the same) and it’s a nice, quick introduction to the campus for students interesting in coming to school here.

We’ve posted it to our fan page, and are debating how we can use it beyond that. Any suggestions?

3 thoughts on “A student produced video that doubles as a campus tour”

  1. Nice video! Here are some quick brainstorming thoughts I had when I watched the video.

    As it is a celebratory dance for graduation, it could be used at smaller graduation related ceremonies or gatherings on campus. Probably not at the larger ceremonies. Or at welcome back gatherings at the beginning of the semester.

    This also could be used If your campus has TV screens in high traffic areas that display campus related information. This could be shown occasionally on those.

    Give it to the recruiting team to email to some of their high school student contacts.

    Also, could get them an appearance at the local news to dance a little bit – when they talk about JCU graduation and if they talk about the video.

  2. Wow, that is great I’m from Cleveland, but now live in San Antonio where I work in PR for San Antonio College. Thanks, Travis for sharing this on Facebook! I give tours of our college, but none so exciting :).

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