Is this taking social media marketing too far?

I’m a fan of filmmaker Joe Carnahan. He’s made some good films (NARC), over-the-top movies (Smoking Aces) and big Hollywood movies (The A-Team.) His newest movie, The Grey, comes out in a few weeks and looks interesting. Here’s a quick synopsis from IMDB:

In Alaska, an oil drilling team struggle to survive after a plane crash strands them in the wild. Hunting the humans are a pack of wolves who see them as intruders.

I was watching a trailer for the film, and was surprised to see the end credits for the trailer:

and this:

I can’t decide if this kind of social media marketing is genius or dumb.

What is the marketing gain for this movie if I tweet something with the hashtag #MickeyLiddell? Will that influence my social circle to go see this film?