mikegm8_mini1.jpgMike is a regular speaker and attendee at conferences across the globe. A dynamic speaker, he engages, educates and entertains audiences of any size.

Speaking Topics

Mike can speak on just about any topic related to web trends, best practices and development in higher education. He is a frequent speaker on trends in social media, online video production and cloud computing. He can lead sessions of any length, from one hour to full day hands-on workshops.

Upcoming Presentations

The Nonprofit Partnership Nonprofit Day, October 2019 (2 sessions)
Avengers Assemble: Creating Integrated Campaigns That Get Results
Thank U, Next: Using Technology to Enhance Donor Stewardship and Recognition

Past Presentations

TechConnect Cleveland, June 2019
Meeting B2B Tech Buyers Where They Are: The Mobile and Smart Home Marketing Revolution

Women in Leadership Development Conference, May 2019
What’s New in Digital and Social Marketing in 2019 and Beyond

The Nonprofit Partnership Nonprofit Day, October 2018
Digital and Social Marketing in 2019 and Beyond

WPCampus, July 2017
Managing A Gigantic Multisite Installation and Surviving to Tell the Tale

HighEdWeb 2016, October 2016
Track co-chair, Management and Professional Development Track
Speed and Security: A Better User Experience with HTTP/ 2 & Let’s Encrypt

HighEdWeb 2015, October 2015
Track Chair, Management and Professional Development Track

John Carroll University Alumni Continuing Education Series, March 25, 2015
Building a Personal Brand

UBTech 2014, June 2014
WordPress + Higher Ed: What’s New in 2014

Association of Fundraising Professionals, March 20, 2014
Panelist: “Social Media: Who, What, When, Where and Why.”

Cleveland State University, September 18 & 25, 2013
Principles of Web Design course

EduWeb, July 29-31, 2013
A Web Yankee in King Marketing’s Court

UBTech 2013, June 10-12, 2013
WordPress + Higher Ed: Moving Beyond Blogs

Cleveland State University, March 6 & 13, 2013
Principles of Web Design course

John Carroll University Celebration of Scholarship, March 27, 2012
Everything I Know About the Web I Learned from Charlton Heston

HigherEdExperts.com Webinar, February 8, 2012
Website Redesign Boot Camp: What you need to know to get ready for your next web redesign

HigherEdExperts.com Webinar, March 22, 2011
WordPress University: Strategies, tools and shortcuts for WordPress-based higher ed websites

HigherEdExperts.com Webinar, January 19, 2011
Professional Photos, Videos and Live Streams 101: Strategies and Tips From Campus Pros

HighEdWeb 2010, October 10, 2010
Hold Up! WordPress Can Do That? GTFO!
Presented with Jesse Lavery

University and College Designers Association, October 2-5, 2010
Intro to WordPress and Theming
Online Video 101

EduComm 2010, June 8, 2010
How my website learned to stop worrying and love the cloud

J.Boye Conference, May 5, 2010
Cloud Computing in Higher Education

NERCOMP Annual Conference, March 8, 2010
Pre-Conference Workshop: Hands On With Amazon Web Services

HigherEdHero Webinar, December 2, 2009
Blogging 101

HigherEdHero Webinar, October 14, 2009
Facebook on Campus: Applications, Tools & Tips for Your College

CUPRAP Fall Workshop, October 12, 2009
Social Media Overview for PR Professionals

HigherEdExperts.com Webinar, September 15, 2009
Better Online Videos 101: How to Shoot, Edit and Host Effective Web Videos

JISC Social Media Workshop, July 27 and 31, 2009
Using the Social Web To Maximise Access to Your Resources presented by Brian Kelly
London, England & Cardiff, Wales

Institutional Web Management Workshop 2009, July 28 – July 30, 2009
Using Amazon Web Services
Colchester, England

WhippleHill User Conference, June 30-July 2, 2009
Monitoring and Maintaining Your Social Media Presence

HigherEdHero Webinar, June 16, 2009
Facebook & Twitter Recruitment Tools to Engage Prospective Students

NITLE Information Services Camp, June 3-4, 2009
The Storm is Brewing: Cloud Computing and Amazon Web Services Workshop

CUPRAP Annual Conference, March 11-12, 2009
Presenting on social media with Karine Joly

EduWeb Conference, July 2008
Head in the Cloud: On-Demand Solutions for Processing, Storage and Content Delivery Needs
Presented with Josh Tysiachney

Business Information Technology Summit, May 2008
Introduction to Cloud Computing

HighEdWeb Conference, October 2007
Game Changer: The Facebook Platform
Presented with Josh Tysiachney

Digital Libraries Colloquium Series, Carnegie Mellon University, October 2006
Meta-Search in the Liberal Arts, Libraries and Beyond

Business Information Technology Summit, May 2006
Are You Missing Out on the RSS Revolution?

Coalition for Networked Information Spring 2006 Task Force
Social Meta-Search in the Liberal Arts
Presented with Dr. Bryan Alexander, Director of Research, NITLE

HigherEdBlogCon, 2006
Chair, Websites and Web Development Track

HighEdWeb 2005, November 2005
Gnosh: Building a Social Software Search Engine
Winner, Best Poster Session

Online Teaching and Learning Conference, 1999
Using Web Plugins for Online Learning

uStream has launched a new private label live and stored video streaming service, which they call Watershed.

Watershed is a white-label video solution that gives you access to all of uStream’s features and tools, but with your own branding, both in the video as well as the page around the video. Watershed says they can also stream 16×9 and HD content.

They cite education as a potential use, saying:

For colleges and universities the possible ways to use Watershed are nearly endless. Broadcast class lectures and campus speakers both internally and externally…Conduct a live interview with admissions office personnel as part of an open house…Connect with alumni worldwide via on-campus speakers and events…Deliver live broadcasts of athletic games and coaches’ media interactions.

For online education organizations, Watershed can be used to broadcast live lectures and have students ask questions in real-time. In addition, by using Watershed all of the live broadcasts can be recorded for future viewing as well. And don’t forget about Watershed for admissions open houses and alumni events.

For organizations focused on training and teaching, Watershed can be used to deliver seminars, demonstrations, and customer support in real-time. Audiences can ask questions via text and instructors can adjust their broadcast in response to audience feedback.

Pricing for the new product seems straightforward. For under 1,000 viewer hours a month, you pay $1 per hour. The price goes down the more hours you use. If you stream 1,500 hours a month at $0.75 USD per viewer hour, you would pay $1,125 that month. You get 500GB of storage included. You also get access to their API, which is interesting. I would this would be useful if you did in fact want to stream something like a lecture and wanted to make starting up the stream as easy as possible.

Streaming events at uStream is free, but if you really want to have a stronger say over the look and feel of the presentation, Watershed may be for you.

I’ve had good experiences with the uStream platform, as I’ve blogged about here.

As you can probably tell from a bunch of posts here, I’m a huge fan of cloud computing and distributed services. We use Amazon’s suite of services and I’ll be giving several talks this summer about them and our uses of them.

In my insatiable quest for knowledge, I’m excited for the following book to be published: Programming Amazon Web Services. The book will cover several of Amazon’s services: S3, EC2, SQS and FPS. Here’s a quick snippet from Amazon:

Building on the success of its storefront and fulfillment services, Amazon now allows businesses to “rent” computing power, data storage and bandwidth on its vast network platform. This book demonstrates how developers working with small- to mid-sized companies can take advantage of Amazon Web Services (AWS) such as the Simple Storage Service (S3), Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Simple Queue Service (SQS), Flexible Payments Service (FPS), and SimpleDB to build web-scale business applications.

The book is released on March 28. I hope it’s in O’Reilly’s Safari service. Our institution subscribes to that.