I’ve blogged a few times about the lipdub videos that schools and other related groups have done recently, but imagine my surprise while watching The Simpsons last night to see they too have jumped full steam into the lipdub game.

Ok, technically they didn’t do it all in one shot, but I think we’ll forgive this one. At least they picked a song other than “I’ve Got A Feeling.”

So, have lipdub videos gone mainstream or have they jumped the shark? My favorite reaction for this video comes from a commenter at Buzzfeed. The image is below. Well played, sir.

While I was posting this, I saw this lipdub video link on Twitter from students at Calvin College. Super job on this one by the students. Bonus points for even having one of the lipdibbers appear on a TV in the gym area.

LipDub at Calvin College from Rachel Kuyvenhoven on Vimeo.