Must-read Higher Ed IT BlogFor the second year in a row, this humble blog has been named to EdTech Magazine’s “50 Must-Read Higher Education Technology Blogs” list.

EdTech says this about the list:

We’ve scoured the Internet for blogs that resonate with the intersection of higher education and technology. These are blogs that set themselves apart for a variety of reasons — they are leading voices in their fields, have hundreds if not thousands of fans and consistently raise the bar for conversation.

That’s pretty cool, and I’m honored to join great sites like .EduGuru and Wired Campus.

I’m extra excited to have not only this site, but also the site I launched a few months ago, GalleryEDU, be included in the list. It’s been around a short time, but there have been some amazing sites submitted to you and I hope to grow it more over the next few months.

Thank you the staff at EdTech magazine for this repeat honor. I appreciate it.

Must-read Higher Ed IT BlogThank you, EdTech magazine, for naming this site of the top 50 higher ed IT blogs. I very much appreciate the honor. From their site:

At EdTech, we strive to create the most valuable resources for higher education technology professionals. One of the ways we do that is by highlighting the smartest and most innovative education tech bloggers on the web.

My title may say creative director, but I’m a tech guy through and through and I really appreciate this. Now that admission season was wrapped up and we’ve launched our $100 million capital campaign, I’ll have more time to blog. Promise.