In addition to presenting at the IWMW workshop 2 weeks ago at the University of Essex, I also had the chance to participate in two sessions put on by Netskills held in London and Cardiff.

I spoke about how schools in the us, and my school in particular, are using social media to connect with multiple audiences. It was fun to share what we’re doing here in the US and talk to web folks about what they are doing with social media in the UK.

Here’s some great feedback from Daniel Hanly of the University of Glamorgan about not only the entire two-day session but also my little bit. A snippet:

Promotion was the tip of the [iceberg] pyramid as far as the conference went – we had a guest presentation from Mike Richwalsky who is the assistant director of public affairs at Allegheny College in Pennsylvania. He gave a very inspiring and discussion provoking view into using Twitter, Facebook and other social networking tools to connect with your audience and to connect with a potential audience. It also presents a way for your website to grow, facebook groups tend to be viral (if relevant) and twitter gives you access to everyone on the web to push your message to. There was numerous issues here especially from education institutions who believed that their students would see them as “trying to get down with the kids” and then it’ll actually impair relationships with the audience instead of help them, however, they were quickly dispelled by Mr Richwalsky who said that they only push information out as an institution and they do not try and connect with the students, instead just feed them relevant information. Promotion was a very rich topic, there’s so many ways you can get your name out there nowadays, its pretty much impossible to stay behind a closed door.

Thank you to Steve Boneham, Christine Cahoon and George Munroe for inviting me to participate as well as sharing a nice meal in Cardiff with me.

* Photo by Steve Boneham. The photo is from the London session. I was seriously jet-lagged.

I’ve arrived in London and am off to give a quick talk at JISC’s “Using the Social Web to Maximise Access to Your Resources” workshop, presented by Brian Kelly.

I’ll be giving an overview of how institutions in the US are using tools like Facebook and Twitter among others to reach out and connect with diverse audiences.

JISC inspires UK colleges and universities in the innovative use of digital technologies, helping to maintain the UK’s position as a global leader in education. They describe their mission as:

JISC’s mission is to provide world-class leadership in the innovative use of Information and Communications Technology to support education and research

I’m excited to be here, I’ve never been so I’m going to try to soak up as much knowledge as I can, as well as try to relax (a little) and maybe spend some time planning out the next exciting stage of my life.

Photo of London by Philipp Klinger. You can see the original here.