We are adding to our web team here and are facing a challenge.

What do we call this position?

Every college and university calls their web people different things. We have posted this job as a “web content coordinator,” but that’s not exactly indicative of what this person is going to do, which includes:

  • Rock WordPress like no one’s business
  • Work with offices across campus to create compelling content
  • Design graphics and banners
  • Shoot basic video and edit it for the web
  • Interview students, faculty, staff
  • Support the constituents across campus as they work in a CMS
  • Shoot photos with our fancy camera
  • and a ton more…

Those are a lot of hats to wear, and it’s more than just coordinating content across a CMS. I don’t know if “Web Content Coordinator” is an apt description. Since I doubt John Carroll will let me have a position with a title of “Web Ninja,” I’m stuck.

As research, I’d like to ask you about your title, and also what you think would be an accurate description of what you do.

I will share this research next week. I’m not asking for name or email, just titles, and an optional field about what type of institution you work for. I’m interested if the size of the school influences a certain type of title.

Thank you in advance.